First off, please forgive me for any grammatical/spelling errors! I am not a writer, I’d rather read all day. I just want to get my Tubal Ligation story out there.

I made an appointment for July 5th, 2013 to see if I am elligable to have my tubes tied.

This may not be anything special to you, but I was extremely nervous and anxious about the situation. I was worried about the backlash that I would receive from this doctor regarding my decision. I am twenty three years old and single. I also do not have kids; and I want to keep it that way! This is when everyone looks at me like I have three heads. I guess I would be more accepted by society if I already had two or three kids. To have no kids and to want to remain that way is a choice that is not very popular.

Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Nancy. I am 23. I do not like kids. I never could see myself being a mommy and caring for a child for 18 years. I still have to work on myself, as I started later than most (more details on that later). My first and foremost reason for not wanting kids is that I do not like kids and do not want them. The rest of the reasons are more “sub reasons.” I don’t have any contact with my family. Parents have been out of the picture since I was eighteen. I live maybe twenty hours away from them, and that information is based on if they still live in my childhood house or not. I am not sure. What I am sure of is that I haven’t spoken with anyone of them in over 5 years. Our relationship has been rocky since I was at least 14. I also suffer from depression from time to time. I also had Social Anxiety Disorder. I always knew something was wrong with my communication skills, as early as kindergarten. My parents just thought that I was being bad/trying to get attention. They are the type of people who do not believe in mental illnesses. They think those people are just attention seekers. For years, until I was 20, I had no idea how people held conversations with other people, and why I could never keep a conversation going. It was very hard to deal with. I finally figured out what was wrong with me, and did some research on how to become more social. I am now able to fit in without looking awkward, but I still have little quirks that come and go, but I am happy that I am somewhat normal! I do not want to pass either to my child. I wouldn’t wish my state of mind on my worst enemy. It’s hard to deal with, but this is the body and mind that was given to me. I have to make the best of it. I have plenty of other reasons, some I will not go into in public, for personal reasons.