On the day of my appointment, I was very nervous.  I couldn’t sleep the night before.  I was constantly thinking about it and wondering what the doctor that I never been to before would say.  My appointment was at 10:45.  I got lost so I arrived at around 10:55. I got called back about twenty minutes later and was sent to an office type room.  I was asked by the nurse why I needed to see the doctor today. I told her and, of course, she looked at me like I was crazy, but then composed herself and said that the doctor would be right in…. So, about 40 minutes passed and the nurse came in again and said the Dr. had to deliver a baby so he would see me in about 30 minutes. Fine by me, even though I was bored and anxious to get this over with.  Forty minutes later, The doctor came in and we did our introductions.  He was very nice.  He asked what he could do for me. I told him that I wanted to see if he would approve me for a tubal litigation.  I told him that I wrote everything down because it was hard to keep a train of thought. He said that that was fine.  I started talking about my reasons, and showed him my family tree. (I had everything written out.  Each topic was in order of importance and in such an order to make sure it flowed well) He stopped me after my third reason and said “Okay, I’ve listened to you, now it’s your turn to listen to me.  You have very good reasons so far to have this done.  You do understand that this is permanent? This is the most effective type of birth control, but it does fail sometimes.  Have you considered any other birth control or long term birth control?” Of course, I said I looked into it, but didn’t find anything that I would like to try… I also told him that I tried almost every type of birth control and they all messed me up in some way!

He also told me about the two types of tubal litigations, Essure and traditional. He asked which one I preferred. I told him traditional. We talked some more about the operation and then he asked me if I had any questions.  I told him that I wanted to know if my insurance would take care of everything. He said all that I needed to do was sign “Tubal Ligation Papers” and that they would have to be signed for 30 days. After 30 days and my next period, I can schedule my appointment to get my tubies tied! Since I had my period a week before my appointment, As soon as I have my period, I can schedule my appointment(after the 30 day wait)! I am more relieved than anything.


Now that I have an official date(August 15th) I am so super excited. I never had any type of surgery before, so I am a little nervous about that, but other than that, I am so totally happy and relieved!!!!!!! I will keep you guys updated. I also have a “pre-op” appointment on the 1st of August, whatever that is. I have no idea what is going to be done in this first appointment, but I am assuming the doctor is going to go over the surgery in detail, give me a time for the surgery, give me a prescription for meds and maybe ask if I have any doubt or any questions. Thanks for reading!