Sometimes, I go on random blogs and post my blog and my info in order to help those who wish to be come sterilized. This lady tried to guilt trip me into making me feel regret my decision and then tried to blame my decision because I wasn’t mature enough to assess the situation… We, as a people, need to learn how to mind our own business… I think I handled the situation nicely. How should I go about defending my decision and my blog?!


I am 23, single, and I have no kids. I am getting my tubes tied in two weeks. I made one appointment with only one doctor and he agreed to tie my tubes. There is a plan and process to getting your tubes tied. Need any help? http://www.tubestiednokids.wordpress….


Nancy, I respect your desire to not have children. A perfectly viable life choice. HOWEVER, I know very few people who feel at 33 the same as they felt at 23 about much of anything! Or 43. And so one. As a person whose option of birthing children was taken away from me by disease (altho’ not til I was older than you), I can tell you that the permanence factor is a big one. I find it slightly troubling that a good doctor would do it for you after one visit. Not saying you shouldn’t have it done. But that’s a pretty huge decision, affecting the rest of your left, to make at 23.

Hello Mindy!

Thank you for responding to my post.

If you were to read my blog, I go into detail about the issues that you are addressing. I doubt you will read it, because it is not your cut up tea, that is fine. I’ll give you the short version. First of all, Mindy, I am so sorry that a disease took away your ability to have a child! You also have to understand that I am not getting my tubes tied simply because I do not want kids…. I have mental illnesses that I do not want to pass down to my child. I am still trying to deal with them to this day. It is not an easy thing to do. I am sure you know someone who has a mental illness. They usually aren’t happy campers. I also have a history of mental abuse, physical abuse, incest and rape in my family line. Every single person in my direct family line has issues. Everyone. I bet you can guess where my illnesses came from. I made a list to the best of my ability of my known parents, grandparents and great grandparents and what each of them did to their child all the way down to myself… It is sick to look at. The thing is, everyone in my family thinks that they did the best thing in order to “raise” their children. If I do have a child, my child will not have any maternal family. None.

Also, I am 23, I know I am young, I know that I may change my mind, not about having my tubes tied, but about having a child. As of now, I say that I will never want children. But, if I do want children in the near future, I will happily adopt a child. There are children out there who will never have parents. I will be there for one of them… If I change my mind. So you see, Mindy, I am not getting my tubes tied just because of some childish “I don’t want kids” statement. It goes deeper than that. Think of the ladies with MENTAL ILLNESSNESS that killed their kids?? Not saying that I would kill my kids, but the first thing the breeders say is “Wow, she shouldn’t have had children” or “America shouldn’t let women with mental illnesses have children.”

Nothing is ever good enough for you people.

Have a great day!