Today(August 1st, 2013) I had a pre-op appointment for the surgery. I had no idea what would happen. Whenever I tried to Google it, I just got stories about what happened right before the TL.

But, before I get into that…..

The waiting room was FILLED with crying kids and stressed out moms who were dead tired!!!!!! I kept to myself, but, that just made me feel oh, so much better about my decision. Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% in wanting the TL, but when I see bad little kids, it just justifies an already justified decision… There was a lot of preggers women wobbling around. Nice. lol

Anyway, The actually meeting with the doctor lasted a couple of minutes. Doctor remembered that I knew what I wanted. He said he has to tell me again, that the procedure was non reversible. He asked if it was ok for a student to be present in the room and he asked if I can receive if I need it. I said yes to both. He wrote a prescription for some pain meds, explained the procedure and told me that the hospital will call me a day before to tell me what time to arrive for my surgery…. Alrighty.

Two more weeks! ❤ You guys rock! Thanks for your support.