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It is now about 6:30pm on Thursday. I am alive. Surgery was scheduled for 7:15am. Left the hospital at around noon. Please forgive me for any misspellings or if the story doesn’t flow well. Those pain meds are a doozy. This is the first time since I left the hospital that I could string together a thought.

I thought that this was going to be a disaster. On Wednesday, the day before, I got a phone call at around noon to discuss my history, my religion and all that jazz. After the conversation, I was told that I had to get blood work done that day. Mind you, I’m pretty broke and had no idea that I needed to go back to Meriden that day! I had a lot of things scheduled that particular day and my car was on the fritz… Did I mention that I was broke? I was a little pissed that they didn’t just do any durn blood work when I went to my pre-op or they could have just did it today. It was just a pregnancy test. Anyway, I realized that people would kill to be in my position, so I didn’t grumble. I prayed my car would make it there and it did, flawlessly.

Since I had such a long day of non stop running around, I was pretty sleepy that night. I put the clothes aside that I was going to wear up there and I made sure I had my ID and…. insurance card?! Where’s my insurance card?!!!!!!!! I looked high and low, I tore up my car, I tore up my room. I must have thrown it away by mistake. I was freaking out. I called the hospital at around 9:40pm and asked if they could still take me the following morning without my card. I used it there before so I hoped they had it on file. The operator said that it was too late to answer that question. I prayed again and went off to sleep.

I woke up a bit earlier than supposed to and watched some videos on YouTube, then took a shower and waited for my ride, hoping they didn’t sleep in by mistake. They made it on time and we were off!

I arrived at the surgery center and checked myself in. I told them that I didn’t have my insurance ID and he said, with the straightest face, “You’ll have to come back tomorrow.” I almost died right then and there. Then he said, “Just Kidding! Have a seat.” Grrrrrr…..

I was called in after about 10 minutes of waiting. I got a parade of questions while they took my pulse and blood pressure. I noticed my pulse was 82ish when I first got there because I was nervous. The staff were ALL upbeat and friendly and calmed me down enough to get my pulse down to 65. The smock that they gave me didn’t tie in the back, like usual, and I felt so exposed. Then I couldn’t figure out how to lay in the bed. I didn’t want my bare butt to touch the bed! A nurse came in as soon as I was having my dilemma. She told me to just open my gown and lay down even if it didn’t feel natural. lol Apparently, the gown had a port to hook up a heating/air nozzle. It was cold, so nurse turned on the heat and my gown blew up, It felt like Violet Beauregard from Willy Wanka and the Chocolate factory; big body, regular sized hands and head. It felt really good… They put an IV in my arm, not sure if something was flowing through or not. She gave me a television remote and told me to relax, and relax I did! I waited so long that I fell asleep and had a falling dream. I am glad no one saw me jerk awake. I was visited by my anesthesiologist who asked if I had any questions and also by a lot of nurses. One of which said that my Doctor had an emergency C-section to help with, so my operation was postponed. After an two or three hours of watching talk shows(I see why I don’t watch tv, it’s all smut) I finally saw my doctor come in! Yay!