I wrote this in a medicated state. I can’t keep my eyes open any longer, so I will update now, and edit later.

Thanks, you guys, gals and lesbians for your support. ❤

The doctor came in to the room and asked if I was ready while he hooked up stronger meds to my IV. They told me not to worry because they would give me pain meds afterwards and nausea meds so that I would throw up and I'd wake up feeling "fiiiiine". I smiled and they rolled me back. I had my eyes closed as they rolled me into a room with about seven people in it. There was a student who was in there also. They pushed me over to the bed and told me to hop to the other one. The nurse tried to pull my cover off of me and ended up opening my gown and the student got flashed. I was mad at that. I grumbled, "Hey, Watch it, lady!" Clearly the stronger meds were kicking in. That, and I didn't want to flash the nice young lady. I didn't even shave….

With that being said, I moved to the other bed… and I remember being woken up and confused. My vision was 90% blurry and everything was in slow motion, even sound. The nurse kept calling my name. I couldn't understand anything. My eye sight got to about 50% and I saw the nurse. She told me something and then she left. I wanted her to stay with me because I felt so lost and didn't know what was going on. I felt some cramps in my stomach(like 1/10) and normally I would just ignore it, but in my confuzzled head, I was freaking out and mumbled "My stomach hurts." The nurse gave me some pain meds.

When I spoke, I noticed that my throat was hurting pretty bad…. I coughed and coughed and couldn't stop. I sat up and said in between the coughing, "I think I'm going to throw up!" They gave me a throw up baggie(gross) and nausea meds. I thankfully didn't throw up, but I still couldn't stop coughing.

They asked if I wanted some crackers and Cranberry juice. Yay! My two favorite things. I ate 1/8 of a cracker and my mouth got dryer than it was before. I couldn't get the saliva flowing so I drunk some juice. Disaster. I started coughing all over the place and the juice almost made me throw up. I laid back down and continued the throat burning coughing until they gave me a bag of my belongings. I could stand up at this point, so I said I wanted to get dressed.

When I stood up, my legs felt like spaghetti. I moved really slow and got dressed with no problem. They gave me a really thick pad to wear incase I started to bleed. I told them that there was no way that I was walking to my ride and they said they were going to wheel me out. I told everyone thanks and got rolled out to my ride. I was still coughing every minute. I got home and the walk across my hilly yard was crazy. It felt like my thighs weren't there, but I could feel my knees down to my feet. Weird feeling.

I went to go to the rest room and I had to push a little so that I could urinate. Only a small tiny stream came out. If I stopped pushing, the stream stopped. That wasn't really a problem, it was just odd. I guess I had a catheter? I also don't feel any "air bubble" in my stomach, nor do I have any shoulder pain. I was shaved when I left. lol I honestly don't know what went on in the operating room… Well, If any one has any questions about anything, inbox me. I don't think I will be updating that much, maybe the next will be my 2 week appointment. I will be actively reading emails and comments to this blog! You guys have a great day. I'm going to sleep.