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Meds: Moltron PM

Thursday(day of surgery) I came home and was able to walk around. I couldn’t feel my thighs so that made walking difficult, but not to bad. I could walk unassisted to my room upstairs. I got home, called a friend and then went into a deep sleep. I woke up like six hours later, updated my blog, posted on The Childfree Life forum and tried urinating. That’s when I noticed that I had to push for urine to come out, it usually just flows out… After that, I took another pain med and woke up at around 4am. I took another pill and woke up late in the morning of Friday. No pain in my stomach or in my incisions. My throat was killing me and I couldn’t stop coughing. I could only drink milk and towards the end of Thursday, I could eat Cherrios. Anything else made me sick! I stalked up on Gatorade but couldn’t even drink it.

Friday: When I woke up, I took my cat outside for some fresh air. I still wasn’t in pain, but my throat was still burning. After some fresh air and some ice cream, I took another pain pill and I went back to sleep. I woke up that evening at around 8pm and my stomach and incisions were hurting. Not a lot but enough for me to take another pill. I had to work tomorrow, so I hoped that everything will be numbed up before Saturday. My throat was still hurting. I could urine regularly. I went outside and cooked a hotdog over my landlord’s fire pit. I was still coughing about every 5 minute. I went to sleep later that night and woke up in the wee hours of the morning with a pounding pressure headache. I figured I’d just sleep it off.

On Saturday, when I woke up that morning, I had a massive headache with a lot of pressure. On this day, I started hallucinating, also. No joke. Nothing serious, but I kept seeing things running across my room, or people looking at my through the window at my job. That got kidna creepy. Everything was also in slow motion and I was confused a lot. During work, I was in a bit of pain, nauseas and still had my headache though my whole 8 hour shift. I came home, took two Moltron PM’s and went to sleep. This was the first time I took two at a time. I was up for hours. I wasn’t nauseated anymore because I was laying down and my headache lessened even though it was still there. My stomach stopped hurting. I just couldn’t go to sleep.

Sunday(today) I feel a lot better. I slept in a bit and missed church 😦 but it was needed. I don’t have any pains or headaches. I even slept on my stomach this morning. I am not seeing anything crazy or hallucinating anything. Hopefully work goes well. My scars are hardly visible. I couldn’t even find the bottom one this morning. They are healing quite well.

I’ll update soon! See ya!