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First of all, this blog will be a little graphic.

My period came on about a week late. Ok, that’s weird, but fine. The days leading up to my period was a little bad. Cramping a bit more than usual, but I could still function… But then it hit. My period came on hard and heavy from the get-go! The cramps on the first two days averaged out to be about 7/10, with 10 being the worst. The first day, all I did was lay in bed in the fetal position. It was all that I could do. The stomach pains were intense. I was light headed and dizzy, also. The second day, I could move around, but I was a bit slow. The rest of the days were fine with minimal cramping, but the flow was very, very heavy and very chunky and a deep red color. All of which is not normal for me. It only stayed on for about 4 days and that is normal. I pray that the rest of my periods return to normal or at least without the pain… and the chunkiness cause that was super gross…